Goal of PAGIN
The overarching goal of PAGIN is to bring together individuals who share the passion to learn, train, and use model-based population approach methods for data analysis.

Who should join PAGIN?
Typically, pharmacists, pharmacologists, clinical pharmacologists, statisticians, computer programmers, data analysts and physicians will benefit from learning this approach.
You could be completely naive in the field in terms of skills but have a desire to learn and pursue population modeling methods in your research or profession -- do not hesitate! Just join and learn along the way!!

Pharmacometrics, particularly regarding the design, application, analysis and interpretation of pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic studies and disease progression.

PAGIN milestones
•Successfully launched in April 2008, to serve the Indian community in a similar manner that PAGE an PAGANZ serve Europe and Australia
•Widely acclaimed hands-on workshops on Population Based Model Building in India using NONMEM in April 2008,2009, 2010 and 2011.
•PAGIN is a not-for-profit organization and works hard to ensure that fees does not stand in your way of training
•Fourth PAGIN workshop scheduled in June 2011,on model building using NONMEM version VI.
•Works to build a strong base for Population Based Approach to Model Building in India.

Dr.S.Ramalingam, Principal,
PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research,
Coimbatore, India

Dr.M.Surulivelrajan, Assistant Professor,
Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal University

International Advisory Board
Dr. Bruce Green, Model Answers Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia
Dr. Glynn Morrish, Goodness of Fit Pty Ltd, Australia
Dr. Devarakonda.R.Krishna, Covedian Pharmaceuticals,MO, USA
Mr. Coen Van Hasselt, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dr. Martin Johnson, MSD, Netherlands